Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Counters to analyze on Windows environment during performance testing

Windows environment contains hundred different counters. However, following below main counters one can get good picture of the system:
  • Pages/sec: Detects the Pages/sec swap rate. The pages/sec rate is the speed at which the pages are read from or written to the disk when resolving hardware page faults. A hardware page fault occurs when a process has to access code on a physical disk because it cannot be accessed in the memory.
  • Available Megabytes: Indicates how much physical memory remains after the working sets of running processes and the cache have been served.
  • Processor Time \%: CPU activity in percentage.
  • Processor Queue Length: This counter displays the number of threads waiting to be executed in the queue that is shared by all processors on the system.
Physical Disk:
  • Disk Time \%: Percentage of elapsed time spent by the selected physical disk drive executing read or write requests.
Network Interface:
  • Packets/sec.: Rate at which packets are sent and received on the network interface.

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